January Feature Enhancements & Tips

 January Feature Enhancements & Tips

With a New Month Comes New Features

First and foremost, all of us at Cerenade wish you Happy New Year! Although last year was difficult (to say the least), we hope the new year brings health, safety, and success to you and your loved ones.

We’ve recently introduced the creation of a Facebook group, full integration with Office 365 calendar, and we’ve also slightly enhanced how Client and Case Profiles look with a scrollbar in certain sections of the profiles, allowing the save button to be visible on your screen at all times.

Take a look below.

Introducing the Cerenade Forum

Cerenade has created a Facebook group where we will announce new features as well as give you a chance to give feedback, view tips from other users, view upcoming live webinars, and so on. We encourage you to join and stay up to date:

Click Here To Join

Office 365 Calendar Integration

We have expanded integrating your office 365 calendar onto the eIMMIGRATION & eCMS. You can now view and modify calendar appointments on both eIMMIGRATION/eCMS and on Office 365. Changes made on either will reflect on the other.

Here is a video showing you the new feature: Click Here

Addition of Scroll Bar in Client/Case Profile Sections

We have added scrollbars to certain sections of the Client profile such as the General Info Page, Custom Fields, and the Logs. We have also added similar settings to the Logs section of the Case Profile, the Case Custom Fields, as well as the Basic Information Section. The purpose of this was to maintain the save buttons visible while working on these sections, avoiding not saving when entering info, as well as aesthetic reasons.

Although most people gave positive feedback, some prefer the previous view. We have added settings to go back to the previous view for Logs, and plan to add other sections in the near future. Below is a video showing you the scroll bar and how to change the setting:

Here is a video showing you how this works: Click Here

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