eForms Solutions for goverment and enterprise organizations

Cerenade’s family of eForms Solutions provide organizations, developers, and OEMs with a wide range of applications and components intended to facilitate the replacement of manual and inefficient paper processes with electronic forms and automated workflows.

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Cerenade’s family of eForms Solutions provide organizations, developers, and OEMs across government (federal, state, local)
and commercial industries with a wide range of applications and components intended to facilitate the replacement of manual
and inefficient paper processes with electronic forms and automated workflows. These cost-effective solutions are elegant,
state-of-the-art, standards-based, feature-rich, and are designed to address the following requirements:

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Business Process Automation

  • Business process automation at all enterprise levels (e.g., Corporate, Branch, Departmental across global locations) and all functional groups (e.g., Human Resources, Sales, Retail Operations, Accounting, Administration, and more)
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Complete Set of Functions

  • Complete set of functions for the full life-span of the forms: Design, deploy, fill, save, print, email, archive, etc.
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Administrative Functions

  • Administrative functions: Version Control, Audit Trail, Transaction Managements, User Management, Reports, etc.
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Workflow Management Functions

  • Workflow management functions: Business Process modeling, Routing, Tracking, etc.
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Seamless Migration

  • Seamless migration/import capabilities from legacy formats: FormFlow, OmniForm, Adobe PDF, FileNet, etc.
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Adherence to Section-508

  • Adherence to Section-508 (American Disabilities Act)
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Secure Public Access

  • Security: Secure Public Access, Single sign-on support, Digital Signature support, etc.
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Platform Independence

  • Platform independence with full support for mobile devices


Enterprise Server

Cerenade Enterprise Server is a cost-effective, and high-performance enterprise application that enables organizations to move away from antiquated and inefficient forms processing systems, to an Integrated Forms Management solution. This product offers a complete, end-to-end, elegant, web-based and cloud-compatible solution complete with User Management, Form Template Management.

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Toolbox (SDK)

Organizations can now integrate electronic form solutions with their existing infrastructure or develop entirely new applications with electronic forms capability built into them. Toolbox provides a filler component that integrates with all Microsoft 32-bit programming environments such as .NET, Visual Basic, Visual C++, Delphi, PowerBuilder, Outlook, Lotus Notes and others.

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Visual eMerge

This mission critical Output Management solution enables organizations to automatically and seamlessly print, email, fax, or archive electronic forms with data from any source. Visual eMerge is printer and resolution independent, requires no custom print drivers, prints on any Microsoft Windows supported printer, and includes an envelope stuffer component.

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Featured Product: Enterprise Server

Technical Features

  • Commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) ASP.Net application, installs on the server and deploys in minutes
  • Zero Filler – requires ONLY a browser (No Java, No Plug-ins, No Apps, Pure HTML
  • WYSIWYG HTML forms with 100% fidelity and full support on all OS platforms
  • Service-Oriented architecture with emphasis on scalability, security and extensibility
  • Full support for industry standards such as XML, HTML, SSL, PKI and Web Services
  • GUI Form Designer
  • GUI Workflow Designer
  • Supports Wizard-driven forms
  • Configurable User Authentication (Single sign-on support via Integrated Windows Authentication, Common Access Card, and Security Assertion Markup Language)
  • Document Management Connector
  • Digital Signature Support (PKI, CoSign, Entrust, NT Domain, Tablet, Pads and Pen)
  • Barcode Support (13 different symbologies including Post Net, UPC and PDF417)
  • Meets requirements of OMB, NIST, and NARA in respect to Records Management, Archives, Authentication, Accessibility and Digital Signatures
  • Section-508 compliant (complies with Sections 1194.21, 1194.22, 1194.31 and 1194.41 of Section 508 of American With Disabilities Act)
  • Automated migration tools from paper and legacy electronic formats (FormFlow, FileNet, PDF, OmniForm, etc.)

Admin Module Features

  • Centralized Form Template and Data Management
  • Forms Management (categorization, version control)
  • User Management (user groups, access control)
  • Business Process Management (workflow modeling and transaction monitoring)
  • Audit Trail (full information on what, when, and by whom for legal accountability)
  • Data source configuration for user lookups
  • Reports

User Module Features

  • Private workspace per user
  • Form template and document search engine
  • Form instance management
  • User collaboration / form sharing
  • Database Connectivity (pre-population, post-population)
  • Data Lookups (Web Service, Active Directory, ODBC data sources, User profiles)
  • Off-line forms processing functionality along with on-line synchronization capability
  • Form content search


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Complete Turn-Key Solution

  • With Enterprise Server you eliminate the hassle of incremental upgrades and piecemeal updates that require third-party integration and a full development team to manage.
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  • From User Management to form template Design, from simple Route and Track to complex Business Process Management, from Audit Trail facility to Section-508 compliance, from digital signature support to database connectivity and Web Service Lookups, this product provides all the features and functions required for a successful enterprise deployment and management of electronic forms.
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Web-Enabled, Cloud-Compatible, and Platform-Independent

  • Cerenade’s one-of-a-kind WYSIWYG (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get) HTML Forms technology enables end-users to interact with this product on any OS platform, whether desktop or Mobile. All you need is a modern Internet Browser. This web-enabled application can be deployed both in the Cloud or within an organization’s Intranet.
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Built Upon a Standards-Based, Open-Architecture Philosophy

  • Cerenade Enterprise Server is built upon a Service-Oriented architecture and fully supports industry standards such as XML, HTML, SSL, PKI and Web Services.
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  • This application boasts a very low learning curve; It is easy to manage for administrators and simple to use by end-users.

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