Our Story

Cerenade was founded in 1992, launching a line of products for processing and managing electronic forms in the immigration legal market, with the chief goals of reducing inefficiencies and boosting productivity, modernizing and automating business practices and processes, and propelling the growth of our clients – these goals continue to guide our product design processes today. Upon the successful development of these initial products, Cerenade’s founders recognized the inherent limitations to using a commercial forms engine. To overcome this obstacle, the decision was made to develop an in-house electronic forms engine that provided more flexibility and ease of use utilizing a component-based, open architecture with support for industry standards. Cerenade was first to market with its component-based forms engine and has since launched several leading integrated forms-centric solutions to power thousands of organizations across the legal, governmental, and healthcare domains. Our focus on providing customers high product quality across ease of use, deep industry specificity, functional comprehensiveness, performance, and security has served as our key competitive advantage, and continues to drive our ongoing success.

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Cerenade is headquartered in Los Angeles, California, and is operated by an all-star team representing a variety of backgrounds.

Our Values

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From Cerenade’s inception in 1992, our top priority has remained constant: the success of our customers. Our Customer-First value pervades our business practices and extends not only to our direct customers, but to our customers’ customers as well (such as the clients of attorneys who use our legal products). We are committed not only to delivering excellent products and services to customers, but to serving as a partner in providing real value that enables our customers to grow their businesses, maximize productivity, enable automation, and modernize their practices.

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In a competitive environment where software businesses regularly rise and fall, Cerenade has been able to excel and remain profitable for over 30 years due to its reputation of providing high quality products and services. This distinguishes us from many competitors who rely heavily on marketing for (unsustainable) growth that is trumped time and again by product-led growth – we let our products do the selling for us. Delivering premier quality goes hand-in-hand with being Customer-First, and spans multiple dimensions such as adopting state-of-the-art design and development practices to offer cutting-edge technological products from modern frontend design to lightning-fast backend architecture, maintaining deep understanding of our customers’ businesses and industries to solve their corresponding pain points, and investing in best-in-class employees across support and engineering to provide excellent customer service and fuel our ambitions.

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Cerenade was founded by immigrants who encountered difficulties with the burdensome, paper-heavy processes involved in US immigration at the time. The company was built with a core mission to make the lives of others easier through digital innovation, and has done so for thousands across the legal, governmental, and healthcare sectors. For instance, our eIMMIGRATION software is the latest in three decades of products designed to aid legal professionals in supporting immigrants and ultimately promoting diversity in the US, a critical bedrock of the county’s foundation that should not only be protected, but celebrated. Today, our team at Cerenade is composed of immigrants and members from a variety of ethnic, racial, cultural, religious, academic, and geographic backgrounds. In addition to making work more fun, the mix of perspectives resulting from this internal diversity serves as a key strength in enabling us to consider a more complete picture as we make smart business decisions.

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Tell us if you hate our products! Tell us if you love our products! At Cerenade, feedback is the engine that allows our business to continuously grow and evolve. We support a healthy culture of regular feedback within our business and embrace feedback of all types from our customers. This is why Cerenade’s products are listed on several third-party review sites such as Capterra and G2 – we love hearing about how we’re performing and how we can improve.

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In order for all of our values to uphold and for our business to ultimately be successful, integrity is paramount. Our team makes efforts at length to ensure that prospective and current customers are aware of all our product and service policies to ensure that there are no surprises. If there is a vulnerability, even with our state-of-the-art security posture, we will let customers know immediately. And if we make a mistake, even on the most trivial matters, we take accountability. These are just some examples of Cerenade’s non-negotiable commitment to remaining an integrity-driven leader in its areas of business.

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Cerenade was founded with the key mission of digitizing paper-heavy immigration processes through electronic forms-centric software to eliminate waste and promote more sustainable practices for our planet. Our roots to promote sustainability are just as strong today – by selection, all our current Cerenade team members all have a common interest in creating a better tomorrow. This is why our processes, from product design to office procedures and policies, consider sustainability as a key dimension for optimization. We also believe that as the innovative engine of our planet, technology vendors (regardless of end market) have an obligation to promote sustainable practices. Therefore, as Cerenade scales, we lead by example and keep top-of-mind that our actions have impact beyond our bottom line.