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eCMS (Electronic Case Management System)

eCMS is more than just a Case Management software. eCMS offers Case Management as well as Contact Management, Process Management, Configuration Management, Reports Management, Questionnaire tracking, E-Filing, E-Billing, as well as a full list of Immigration and California Judicial Council Forms, and many other modules to help you run your practice more efficiently and effectively. You never know when that call comes in and you need access to your cases. How many pending cases do you have? Who knows? But eCMS is the ONLY Practice Management solution that helps you find, arrange and keep your cases up-to-date via your iPad and any other mobile or desktop device.

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Case Tracking and Management

Case Tracking and Management


eCMS allows you to assign attorneys and paralegals to each case. Information from these individuals can pre-populate forms. You can also assign a petition type to your case, which will transfer Forms, Document Checklist and Process Steps necessary to complete and file your petition. Finally, you can set the status of the case to any one of: Active, Archived and Closed.

Powerful Case Query

eCMS is equipped with one of the most powerful and easy to use Search engines. You can find cases based on their time of access, main contact, assignee, case number, receipt/notice number.

Process Management

eCMS offers a powerful Process Management engine for moving a case from inception to completion without missing a beat. This component notifies when work is delayed and alerts you of future steps you need to take.

Documents & Attachments

Collect and store all case-related documents that your clients and possible employer send you in eCMS. Access them any time from anywhere.


You can set Reminders to your case to notify you of important dates, events and tasks. The Tickler component of eCMS tracks, manages and sends out notifications as reminders become due.


Track expiration dates for all documents (I-94, Passport, Visa, etc.), process steps, reminders, and other important dates for your cases and clients.


Keep track of the minutes of conversation you had with your client, for example, using the Notes facility of eCMS. Allow your client to view none, any or all of your notes.

E-Forms Management

E-Forms Management

Regular Updates

Our e-forms crawler checks all government sites every night looking for updated forms.  Once updated forms are identified, our US-based team of forms designers get to work to produce accurate, intelligent forms in Cerenade format.   Did you know that Cerenade’s electronic forms technology is far more superior than the third party options offered by our competitors?

E-Forms Library

Cerenade manages and updates its library of over 1900 e-forms as they are released by the California Judicial Council, USCIS, DOJ, DOL, ETA, DOS, EOIR, DS, DHS.

Government Instructions

With eCMS, you are always a click away from real-time instructions to the e-forms.

Blank Forms

You never know when you need a blank form. And for that, you should not need to go through the entire process of setting up a case.  “Blank Forms” component of eCMS gives you free access to its library of the latest e-forms to Print or Fill & Print any form you like with the click of a mouse.

Auto-Population of Forms

Forms are auto-populated with information from those you have assigned to the case.  Assignees include attorneys, employer, petitioner, beneficiary, alien, and others.

Email & Print Forms in Bulk

Whether you want to email or print one form or a whole caseload of forms, the functionality is always a single-click away.  To email, simply select all the forms you like to email to your client, enter the email address and hit “Send”.  eCMS delivers a PDF copy of the selected forms to your client.

Contact Resource Management

Contact Resource Management

Biographic Information

The CRM component of eCMS is the most comprehensive in its league.  Adding years of biographic information about your client is not a problem.

Custom Fields

Keeping track of pieces of information such as “Religious Preference”, “Color of Hair” or “Badge Number” is not a problem with eCMS. Simply add a custom field for each piece of information you like to track and you are done.

Comments & Attachments

This is yet another area to store client-specific documents and notes.  Information such as Birth Certificate, I-94 copy, copies of passport, etc.

Case Collection

So that you do not lose track of your cases, eCMS allows you to collect all cases you have ever created for a given client and his/her relatives under one roof.  By accessing the profile for one client, you can gain access to the history of services your law firm has provided this client.


Capture client profile, and attachments via an easy, wizard-based questionnaire, which is available in 11 languages including Spanish, Chinese, French, Korean, Farsi, Japanese, Russian, English, Arabic, Portuguese, and Vietnamese.  Once submitted, a questionnaire is converted into a contact record that can then populate forms.

Permission Settings

Permission Settings

Attorney & Paralegal Permission

Control caseworker access to eCMS by limiting WHAT, WHEN and HOW LONG. WHAT:: which components of the system can the caseworker access? WHEN:: on what days of the week is the caseworker allowed to access the system? HOW LONG:: for how many days or for how many hours can the caseworker access the system?

Client Permission

Control client access to eCMS by limiting WHAT, and HOW LONG. WHAT:: which components of the case or contact profile can client access? HOW LONG:: for how many days can client access the system?


The administrator of eCMS has access to the Admin tools.  The Admin tools are used to manage and customize many parts of the system.  Administrators have the option to manage and modify petition types and forms that go with each petition type, law firm address, add, remove and disable attorney and paralegals, change the name of the law firm, design letter merge templates and modify selections listed in many drop lists throughout the system.

Default Setting

The administrator can pre-set the default permission settings for clients.  Default permission settings take effect as soon as a client is added to the system.  Default permission settings can be overwritten once the client profile is created in the system.

Reports Management

Reports Management

Tickler & Reminder

Receive advance notices of up to 180 days on any document expiration date or any reminders you have left yourself.  180 days is the default setting, which can be customized to any number.

Case Reporting

With over 20 predefined and custom CASE reports, eCMS offers a report for every need.  Every report is unique in its choice of fields and data filtering ability.  Each report can be exported to Excel for sharing and/or further editing.

Contact Reporting

eCMS offers over 8 CONTACT reports that can be configured to generate many different types of custom reports.  Each report can be exported to Excel for sharing and/or further editing.

Custom Reporting

Overall, eCMS offers over 30 unique custom reports.  Each report can be configured to generate many different types of custom reports.  Each report can be exported to Excel for further modifications or for sharing with others.



Expense Tracking

Client Billing has never been easier.  Simply keep track of your charges by adding a charge selected from a customized list of “Billable Items” and you are set.  Billable items can be grouped as Legal Fees, Filling Fees, Misc. Fees, etc.

Invoice Generation

At any point in time you can generate invoices against the one or more charges you have added to a case.  You can even select who the payee should be for a given invoice. Simply select charges that should go into an invoice, select the payee and save.  An invoice is created.  Invoices can be viewed, printed and emailed.  When emailed, the invoice is attached to the email as a PDF file.

Payment Plans

Set up payment plans to track any overdue balances vs. upcoming balances. Also, choose to automatically email clients their invoice(s) before their payment is due.

Payment Processing

When it comes to payment processing.  No solution does it better than eCMS. You are basically free to apply the payment any which way you like: apply it across many invoices or apply it to one or more line items of a single invoice.


Your eCMS administrator can customize the list of billable items to fit your needs.  Each item in the list can have a code (used for accounting purposes), unit cost, description, and category (legal fee, filing fee, etc.)



Easy and Straightforward

E-Filing is easy.  You simply schedule a form to be e-filed, open the e-filing center and begin e-filing forms one by one.  While e-filing you have access to the actual completed form.

No Hidden Processing

There are no data dumping or hidden processes running in the background.  On each page of the e-filing site, you transfer data from your form to the e-filing site with the click of a button.  If you don’t like what you see, you can always change it right then and there.

Supported Petitions

Currently, N-400, I-90, I-130, NI Visa Application, PERM, Green Card Replacement, and ICERT applications are supported by the e-filing module.

Supported Platforms

You are able to access the E-Filing module on any Windows based operating system.

USCIS and Visa Bulletin Times Tracker

USCIS and Visa Bulletin Times Tracker


Using Processing Times tables of USCIS, Visa Bulletin time tables of US Department of State, and information from the Receipts and Notices of a case, Cerenade Times Tracker can precisely determine whether a petition submitted to any of the USCIS Service Centers or a Visa petition has become current.  Once a match is found, an email notification is generated and sent to the law firm.


A comprehensive reporting mechanism provides a unique cross reference of Receipts and Notices, Case and CRM components of eCMS.

Configuration Management

Configuration Management

Admin Tools

Anyone with administrative rights, can access the Admin tools to configure and manage many different aspects of eCMS.

Manage Law Firm Users

Administrators of eCMS can add attorney and paralegal profiles, apply access restriction, assign username/password, and remove individuals from the system.

Configure Law Firm Locations

Each law firm can set up one or more office locations.  Information from these offices are later used to pre-populate e-forms.  The administrator can setup and manage these office locations.

Configure and Maintain Processes

A process is comprised of Forms, Questionnaire, Document List, Letter Merge and Process Steps.  Systems are installed pre-configured with several processes in support of unique petitions.  Most often, law firms make changes to these processes or create new ones in order to configure the system to their needs.

Configure Custom Fields

Despite our every effort to think of all possible data capture scenario, there are still instances where you need to capture a piece of information, for which you cannot find a field.  Custom Fields component of eCMS gives you the freedom to add fields with custom labels that match your specific needs.  Custom Fields can be managed and edited via the admin console.

Configure Dropdown Lists

Throughout the Contact Management component of eCMS you will notice dropdown lists with possible choices we have deemed appropriate for that instance.  As it often the case, your needs require a greater flexibility in customizing choices offered by these dropdown lists.  Administrator of eCMS can easily configure or customize these dropdown lists via the admin console.

Ongoing Innovation

Ongoing Innovation

Here at Cerenade, we continues to invest heavily in Research & Development to ensure that our user base has access to the most technologically advanced, leading-edge solutions available in the market on an ongoing basis.

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Pricing Plans

$55 Per user Per Month

Plan A

  • 1 Optional Module
  • 1 GB Storage Space/User

$70 Per user Per Month

Plan B

  • 4 Optional Modules
  • 2 GB Storage Space/User

$85 Per user Per Month

Plan C

  • All Optional Modules
  • Unlimited Storage1
  • +1 Extra Hour of Private Training

Included in all plans:

  • Contact Management
  • Case Management
  • Administrative Tools
  • Caseworker Portal
  • Client Portal
  • Questionnaires
  • Custom Intake Forms
  • Process Steps with Activities
  • Customizable Case Processes
  • Google Calendar & Office 365 Calendar Integration
  • Document Assembly
  • No Per Case Fees
  • Forms Management
  • Letter Merge
  • Blank Forms
  • Tickler
  • e-Signatures
  • Standard Reports
  • Custom Fields
  • Custom User Settings
  • California Judicial Council Forms

Optional Modules:

  • Custom Reports
  • Cloud Storage Connector for OneDrive, Dropbox, Box, and Google Drive
  • E-Filing
  • Billing or QuickBooks Billing
  • Credit Card Processing2
  • SMS Notifications
  • Immigration Forms
  • Acuity Scheduling
  • USCIS/Visa Bulletin TimesTracker
  • Advanced Authentication
  • Time Keeper
  • Mail! Anywhere
  • Messaging
  • Case Initiation Request
  • Conflict of Interest Check

1. We reserve the right to discontinue the use of unlimited storage in the event of storage abuse.
2. Must be subscribed to Billing module.


Setup is free and includes private training via web conference.

  • Private Caseworker Portal Training: 1 hour
  • Private Administrative Tools Training: 1 hour

Who uses eCMS

  • Legal Practices
  • Nonprofit Organizations (We offer discounts to NPO’s)

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Data Conversions

Our Guarantee

Our Guarantee

Within a reasonable time following receipt of your data files, we will let you know if we can import your files, and how much it will cost you. After the conversion, you have five business days to check your converted data in eCMS. If we did not import your data per above chart then we will remove your data from eCMS and you pay nothing. This guarantee does not cover situations where the data files you send us contain the wrong or incorrect data, they do not contain enough data, you sent us the wrong files, or you change your mind.

Supported Products for Data Conversion

Supported Products for Data Conversion

We import data from these products: LawLogix, INSZoom, Immigrant Pro, Tracker Cloud/Desktop, BlueDot, MyCase, Docketwise, Clio and ImmForms Plus.

Conversion Fees

Conversion Fees

Our conversion fees are straightforward. We charge $1,000 per database transfer. Our job is guaranteed.

Conversion Comparison Chart

Conversion Comparison Chart

This chart explains in detail, conversion from which products are supported, and what is converted over. Click Here.

Excel Conversion

Excel Conversion

We also convert your client data via an excel spreadsheet template that we have developed in house. If you would like to view this spreadsheet, please Click Here.

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For Non-Profit Organizations

Cerenade recognizes that nonprofits must accomplish more with less. That’s why Cerenade is pleased to offer its eCMS solution at a discounted price to all organizations that qualify as nonprofit under §501(c)(3) of IRS.

Who Qualifies?

Religious, Educational, Charitable, Scientific, Literary, Testing for Public Safety, to Foster National or International Amateur Sports Competition, or Prevention of Cruelty to Children or Animals Organizations. Qualifying organizations must demonstrate their nonprofit status with documentation prior to placing an order.

Contact Us:

Please contact Cerenade Sales for more information at 1-800-617-4202 or (310-645-0598)

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Success Stories

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With our private demos, we demonstrate how our system can be highly effective to assist running your law firm. See the power eCMS has to offer. Once finished with the demo, explore our testing site without any commitment.


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