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Awards and Recognitions

eIMMIGRATION maintains the highest rating across all immigration-focused legal case and practice management software on Capterra (5.0/5) and G2 (4.8/5)

Capterra rating to eIMMIGRATIONG2 latest rating to eIMMIGRATION

Over the past year, eIMMIGRATION has also been the most awarded software in its category, including distinctions such as “Best Ease Of Use”, “Best Value”, “Best Support”, “Users Most Likely To Recommend”, and much more

Capterra - Best Ease of Use 2023Capterra - Best Value 2023Capterra - Best Ease of Use 2022Capterra - Best Value 2022
G2 Spring 2023 Users Most Likely to Recommend NPSG2 Spring 2023 Easiest Setup Ease of SetupG2 Summer 2023 Best SupportG2 Spring 2023 Easiest to Do Business with Small Business Ease Doing BusinessG2 Summer 2023 Best Meets RequirementsG2 Spring 2023 Easiest Admin Ease of Admin
G2 Summer 2023 High PerformerG2 Spring 2023 High PerformerG2 Winter 2023 High PerformerG2 Fall 2022 High Perfomer

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Why Choose Us?

More immigration legal professionals, including attorneys and paralegals, regularly switch to or are already using
eIMMIGRATION than any competing software. Here are some reasons why:


Immigration Law icon

Designed for Immigration Law spanning:

  • Legal Practices of various size (from solo practitioners to large law firms) and function (family vs. business)
  • Non-profit Organizations with discounts available for NPOs
  • Global Corporations with purpose-built employer+HR functionality
  • Universities / Colleges with dedicated offerings for schools
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Comprehensive Feature Set icon

The Most Comprehensive Feature Set across:

  • Case Management
  • Practice Management
  • Form & Document Management
  • Complete CRM
  • Admin and Configuration Tools
  • Cerenade Technology
  • Integrations
  • Regular Product Updates and New Features
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Robust Automation Enablement icon

Robust Automation Enablement for your practice, such as:

  • e-Filing for all USCIS online, DOL, and DOS forms (industry leader)
  • Workflow Automation across activities spanning Billing, Case Processes, Client Intake / Questionnaires, e-Signatures, Messaging, Translations, and much more
  • Smart Alerts for clients and cases
  • Automatic CBP Data Import for clients’ I-94 and travel history
  • Advanced Automated Reporting for over 1,000 data points (industry leader)
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Shield icon

Distinguished Leader in Security & Reliability, including:

  • The only single-tenant database model in the industry
  • On-the-fly geo-redundancy
  • Advanced authentication (2FA + SSO)
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Gear icon

Easy to Use, Set up, Migrate data, Manage, and Maintain

  • Capterra’s Best Ease of Use, 2022 | Intuitive user-centric design
  • G2’s Easiest Setup, Spring + Winter 2023 | Guided setup with quick data import from any system
  • G2’s Easiest Admin, Spring + Winter 2023 | Configurable admin tools with effortless maintenance
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Thunderstorm icon

Modern and Lightning-Fast, Cloud-Based and Responsive

  • State-of-the-art from our frontend / user interface to our backend / technology stack
  • Contemporary, intuitive design for the modern legal professional
  • Access from any device, platform, or browser, without the need to learn multiple applications
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Company / Cerenade

Phone 24 icon

Support: Best-in-class & Award-winning

  • G2’s ‘Best Support’ Award, 2023
  • Highly-reviewed & loved by customers
  • Knowledgeable across product & technical, with deep immigration expertise
  • Available 24/7 with goal to resolve on first contact
  • Multilingual, including Spanish
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Training Resources icon

Cerenade Academy & Training Resources, including:

  • Private Product Training
  • Weekly Live Training Webinars
  • User Guides and FAQs
  • Cerenade Forum
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Technology Company icon

An Established Technology Company with:

  • Over 30 years of excellence serving immigration professionals
  • Ongoing Substantial R&D Investment to stay on the cutting-edge
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Independent User icon

Independent of a Corporate Parent

  • Today, many software companies answer to a corporate parent.
  • Cerenade does not, and sets its own corporate priorities.
  • Our customers are our uncontested, top corporate priority and receive 100% of our R&D investments, support and engineering resources, and more.
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Robust Automation Enablement icon

Cerenade’s Proprietary e-forms Engine Technology, enabling advantages across:

  • Form preparation
  • …to client intake
  • …to form review
  • …to form version control
  • …with enhanced security throughout
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Company Values icon

Cerenade Company Values:

  • Customer-First
  • Quality-Driven
  • Diversity-Celebrated
  • Feedback-Embraced
  • Integrity-Uncompromising
  • Sustainability-Oriented
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