Cerenade.AI just got better with Summarizer

 Cerenade.AI just got better with Summarizer

Cerenade is building on our successful track record of AI-powered features, including our Intake Form AI Translator that users love. We plan to release a series of additional AI features within our legal case management products – eIMMIGRATION and eCMS – that will revolutionize how legal professionals gather, navigate, and manage information across case, client, practice, and form management activities. These features will be powered by the Cerenade.AI engine, which was developed to boost productivity for our product users while seamlessly enhancing, not interfering with, their current ways of using our software.

This week, we are rolling out a feature called Summarizer, powered by Cerenade.AI. Summarizer will assist you by scanning through a large body of text from a variety of sources (e.g., long text, PDFs, websites) and providing an intelligent summary within seconds, all within your Cerenade software. Early testers of Summarizer have found it to be useful across a wide span of use cases, such as quickly assessing case precedent decisions provided by the USCIS’ Administrative Appeals Office (AAO) and incorporating decision summaries within their case management work streams.

To see a preview of Cerenade.AI and Summarizer’s capabilities, view the video below:


Please note that Summarizer is currently available to all users for a limited time; it will later be exclusively available to plan C users.

We have other AI-assisted features in development that we are very excited to share. Stay tuned!

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