Discover The Powerful New Features For Our Immigration Software

 Discover The Powerful New Features For Our Immigration Software

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We thank you for being a valued Cerenade client, either through eIMMIGRATION, our immigration software, or eCMS, our case management platform. Because of your loyalty and feedback, we are motivated to continuously be innovative in adding case management features that are industry-leading. This month, we’ve completed and released a couple of new features:

First, Cerenade now integrates with Microsoft Office for the web, giving you the ability to edit Microsoft Office Documents directly on a client or case profile.
Second, Cerenade has added the Document Repository, an area in the admin tools where you can upload default documents to upload onto any client or case profile.

Lastly, Cerenade has created the Tag Helper, a new feature to help you easily search, copy, and paste tags onto Letter Templates and uploaded Word Documents, which populate with info from the client or case profile.

Microsoft Office For the web now integrates with eIMMIGRATION

Cerenade is proud to introduce its newest milestone, eIMMIGRATION is now integrated with Microsoft Office for the web. With this feature, so long as you are subscribed to Office 365, you are able to save any Word Document, Excel Spreadsheet, and PowerPoint Presentation onto a Client and Case Profile and be able to edit the document online. In doing so, there is no more need to download and re-upload when needing to make changes on the document, all can be done online, using eIMMIGRATION, instantly. Any changes made to the document auto-saves and anyone else editing the document can see those changes in real-time, allowing simultaneous collaboration between multiple caseworkers.

The Document Repository: Storing Default Documents

Cerenade has created a Document Repository in the admin tools. With this feature, you can now upload and store default documents. By doing so, you and your staff can have the most up-to-date organization documents in the system and have the flexibility of easily adding those documents onto any client or case profile. You can store word documents, pdf’s, image files, and much more.

Tag Helper

Cerenade has created a The Tag Helper, a tool to help you locate tags that can be added to the letter templates and Microsoft word documents. When added, the tags populate with information pertaining to the client profile or case profile making it easier to generate word documents you typically type out or emails you send to a client.

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