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Cerenade Academy

Cerenade hosts a video-based academy on YouTube that makes learning and exploring
our products both easy and enjoyable.

Legal software

Access the most comprehensive legal software academy

Cerenade Academy includes an expansive library of videos covering our feature-rich legal products, eIMMIGRATION and eCMS. We are proud to offer one of the largest video libraries to help legal professionals make better use of case and practice management software.

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Explore our products, become a power-user, and grow your business

Whether your goal is to begin learning product basics, to explore new feature releases, or to master certain functionality, our videos help maximize use of our products to create tangible business benefits such as improving productivity, enabling automation, and growing your practice.


Go at your preferred pace

We offer videos for product users of all experience levels, from beginners to experts, and of all consumption preferences, from “I only have a couple of minutes” to “I am a serial binge-watcher”. The academy is designed for on-demand consumption with a variety of video durations to match your preferred pace.


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