April Feature Enhancements

 April Feature Enhancements

With a New Month Comes New Features

First and foremost, all of us at Cerenade wish you and your staff continued safety and good health during these times of Covid-19.

This month we introduce a couple of enhancements made to different functions of the software. First we’ve added the ability to Store Payment Card details in a Client’s Profile. This means you can store it once in the Client Profile and apply payment anytime on an invoice. Second, we’ve enhanced how current spouse details transfers into forms. You can now insert details in the History of Marriage section which will then transfer to the forms.  You can even link Client Profiles to an entry in the History of Marriage. Because of this we also added a temporary tool in the Admin Tools page which will help automatically link Client Profiles to spouse entries in the History of Marriage. Lastly, we’ve enhanced the display screen when clients upload through the Client Portal, showing more client and case details.

Storing Payment Cards

You can now store payment card details in the client’s profile and apply payments on invoices and Trust Accounts. You must be signed up to the optional module Credit Card Processing and Billing in order to use. Here is a video showing you how it works: Payment Card Details

Adding Current Marriages

You can now insert current marriages in the in the History of Marriage section and have that info transfer to forms asking for current spouse details. This avoids having to link a spouse in the Member’s section. You can also link a client profile to a History of Marriage entry. Additionally, when a client submits the History of Marriage Questionnaire, the software now asks if you wish to create a client profile for them and link to the marriage history entry upon acceptance.

Here is a video showing you the new feature: Marriage History

Link Spouse Client Automated Feature

Because we’ve enhanced how current spouse details transfers into forms, and now give you the ability to link clients in the History of Marriage section, rather than have you go one by one linking clients to marriage entries, we’ve developed a tool in the Administrative Tools that automatically links clients for you. It is a temporary tool that will find matches according to the strictness level you choose and perform the task that night.

Here is a video showing you how this works: Link Spouse Automation

New Batch Client Upload Display

We have enhanced the look when uploading documents in the Client Portal. When selecting what type of document the client is uploading, it will now list additional details of the case profile or client profile such as Case Name, Main Party of the case, and Document Type. This will come in handy when dealing with a client who is involved in multiple cases for different parties such as an employer. Here is a video showing you the update: Client Portal Batch Upload

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