June Feature Enhancements

 June Feature Enhancements

New Features For The Month of June

This week is the 2021 AILA Annual Conference on Immigration Law, and as usual, Cerenade will be a sponsor and an exhibitor at the conference. Although we won’t see you physically as we would other years, we will have a virtual booth where you can stop by to say hello. We will have a chat room in our booth where you can ask questions throughout the conference. As an added incentive to the conference, if a colleague signs up and mentions your name, you will receive a $50 dollar credit on your next invoice.

We also have exciting features to announce for the AILA conference and for the month of June. First, we have given you the ability to create your own Custom Intake Forms. We have heard your feedback and you can now create those Custom Intake Forms with your specific questions. Second, we have expanded the optional module SMS Messaging. Your clients can now respond to SMS messages and you can reply back to them in the caseworker portal. Third, we have added an optional module titled Acuity Scheduling. You can now integrate your acuity calendar and make appointments on both the Caseworker Portal and on Acuity. Lastly, we have added enhanced settings to Billing and Credit Card Processing, in which you can now remove the client’s ability to deposit funds into a trust account.

Custom Intake Forms

You can now build your own Custom Intake Forms with specific questions you want a client to answer. Once those Custom Intake Forms are submitted and accepted, the info will go to its appropriate location on the client profile. This will then transfer to forms when tagging a client to a case profile.  Additionally, Custom Intake Forms can be filled out by a caseworker in the client’s profile.

Here is a video showing you how it works: Custom Intake Forms

Enhanced SMS Messaging

Clients can now respond to SMS messages sent from the Caseworker Portal. This means you can have a complete conversation with a client, responding back and forth, in the Caseworker Portal. You must be signed up to the optional module called SMS Messaging to use the feature.

Here is a video showing how it works: Enhanced SMS Messaging

Acuity Scheduling

With our new optional module titled Acuity Scheduling, you can now link your Acuity Scheduling Calendar to your Caseworker Portal. This means you can create appointments in the Caseworker Portal and it will reflect on Acuity and vice versa. And, if having an email associated to a Client Profile, that client receives an email confirmation of their appointment from Acuity. They then have options to reschedule, cancel, and other.

Here is a video showing you how this works: Acuity Scheduling

Disabling “Deposit Fund” Button From Client Portal

Based on feedback from clients, we recently implemented a setting that allows you to take away a client’s ability to deposit funds into their Trust Account. This would then only give clients the option to pay an invoice directly.

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