GDPR & Cerenade

 GDPR & Cerenade

Cerenade has always been committed to the protection and preservation of it’s end user’s data and rights. We have no need to collect data beyond what is required to properly contact, bill, and ensure the best possible guarantee for our clients. GDPR compliance will take into effect beginning on May 25th, and we at Cerenade are committed to compliance within the ever changing world of data privacy and protection.

What exactly is the GDPR?

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) in plain terms, is a European Union wide protection that gives individuals more control over their data. GDPR sets guidelines for the collecting and processing of personal information of persons within the EU. While Cerenade is an American company, based in California, these regulations pertain to us because we’re a global company and collect data from our end-users located in the European Union.

How does this effect our end-users?

This is great news for you! As part of our commitment to data privacy, Cerenade will adopt GDPR standards not only for our EU clients, but will work to make GDPR our standard for all end-users.

How we’re getting ready.

  • We’ve increased awareness on data privacy and the importance of protection and security, throughout our organization. Cerenade employees are now aware of the industry standards set by the EU and the GDPR.
  • We’ve appointed a Data Protection Officer who will be in charge of ensuring GDPR compliance, and everything that goes along with that (documentation, new employee training, data maps, etc).
  • We’re currently reviewing our internal audit processes and (while not necessary) discussing the possibility of hiring security consultants to do a further review of our security protection protocols.
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