Ruby L. Powers, Owner and Managing Attorney, Powers Law Group, P.C., Houston, TX and principal of Powers Strategy Group, L.L.C.

As a firm, Powers Law Group, P.C. strives for a high level of client satisfaction. Part of what keeps our clients satisfied is making sure that they are informed, empowered and easily able to communicate their immigration concerns and needs every step of the way. Cerenade case management software facilitates  our firm’s ability to complete forms, provide clients with a portal to upload documents and track how much time is spent on each matter. These tools have helped us efficiently manage our complex caseload.  It is robust and has been an essential part of our everyday operations for over a decade. With its user-friendly interface and regular enhancements, we will continue to use eIMMIGRATION to maintain a high level of client satisfaction and help our clients navigate the complex field of immigration law.