Redefining Comprehensive

Cerenade leads the way in providing a broad range of eForms solutions, including immigration software & case management platform, to enterprises, law firms, and individual users.


Designed with both the single user
AND the enterprise client in mind


Entire PRACTICE management capability with an extensive library of Forms


Simple interface that is
EASY to navigate

U.S. Based Support

Plus bilingual


Pages look
GREAT on any device


Edit FORMS online and
on any device

Case Management Solutions

Our case management solutions offer law firms and corporate law departments a cloud based case and practice management solution. With our eCMS and eIMMIGRATIONAIR programs, clients can do the following:

  • Populate and Fill Forms
  • Set Reminders
  • Store and track important client documents
  • Run reports on client and case data

eForm Solutions

Cerenade’s family of eForms solutions provide organizations, developers and OEMs with variety of applications intended to replace inefficient paper processes with electronic forms and automated workflows. These solutions are comprised of:

  • Enterprise Server
  • Toolbox (SDK)
  • Visual emerge

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