eForms FAQs

To view/edit FAR forms in HTML mode, you can utilize Cerenade’s online filler. This should be provided to you by the entity that is licensing our technology.

You can download the Setup program for the offline Filler from this URL: http://www.cerenade.com/controls/fillersetup.exe. Please note that the offline Filler is only compatible with Windows platforms. Also, if you are installing the Filler on Windows 7 and higher, please run the Setup program “As Administrator”.

Yes, if you are editing forms in HTML mode, you do need to print the form to PDF, and then from there you will be able to print the form to your printer. The reason for this is because if you were to print HTML forms directly to the printer, the formatting of the form would not appear as you would like it to.

If you have configured Internet Explorer and installed the filler properly, one other thing that you should look at is the version of Internet Explorer that you are working with. Enterprise Server is only compatible with the 32-bit version of Internet Explorer, not the 64-bit. To check your version of IE you can go to “Help” then “About Internet Explorer”. If you are using the 64-bit version, exit out of IE and open up the 32-bit version. This should solve your problem.

We have set the application timeout in “web.config” of Enterprise Server to 60 minutes but the application is still timing out after 20 minutes of inactivity. What is the problem?

Even though the application timeout of web.config is set to 60 minutes, the IIS application pool performance setting is prevailing over the web.config setting. To increase timeout setting in IIS, take the following steps:

Go to Administrative Tools menu
Load Internet Information Service Manager
Expand the machine name
Expand Application Pool container
Right-click esdotnet and click properties
Click Performance Tab
Set Idle timeout to 60 as shown below:
Click Apply and then OK

In Advanced Scripting of Admin module, in response to a form event such as clicking a form button, use this JavaScript:

if (FieldName.toUpperCase() == “MYBUTTON”)

NOTE: MaxImageLength in the above script is in kilobytes.

eForms Designer

If you cannot download eForms Designer, please call Cerenade support for further instruction.

Download Visual eForms Designer Version

Designer, Import FormFlow(tm) & Fillable PDF(tm) forms, Off-line Filler, 2-D barcode, Digital Signature, Sample Forms, Help File, User’s and Technical Manuals, and more.

NOTE: Please call 1-800-617-4202 and select Sales if you like to try this software

eForms Toolbox

If you cannot download eForms Toolbox, please call Cerenade support for further instruction.

Download Visual eForms Toolbox Version

Filler Component, Sample Visual Basic applications, Sample Forms, Help File, User’s and Technical Manuals, Internet Explorer & Netscape support files.