Level I security is provided via Secured Socket Layer (SSL). SSL provides a secure environment for managing and accessing cases and forms across the internet through a TRUSTED site. All data, traveling between your computer and our servers is encrypted.

SAS 70 Compliant Web Hosting

All operations are hosted by our hosting company, Microsoft Azure ( Security for data centers at Microsoft include:

  • Card Reader access required to enter facility
  • Biometric scanner access required to enter data center floor
  • Proximity readers track all movements between areas
  • Security Cameras
  • Bullet-proofing behind all windowed areas
  • Redundant Power Supply
  • Redundant Data Hosting
  • Redundant Routing and Switching environment

This occurs primarily because of the creation of a contact file as well as the sending out of a new questionnaire. When this is done, and the client fills out the questionnaire and submits it back to you, a new file is created. However, the system does not know that you already created a blank contact file. To fix this simply delete the data-less contact file from your database. To avoid this, do not create any contact files if you know you’ll be sending out a questionnaire to “a new contact”.

When you get this message it means that you or whoever created the user accounts via the admin console set up an expiration date on the account you are using. To fix this, please log into the admin console, and then go to the users tab. From there, click the username under the “Access Rights” column. Next, just remove or extend the date in the “Expires On” section. Finally, click save changes and you’re all set!

Yes, if you are using the AIR module, you do need print the form to a PDF, and then from there you will be able to print the form to your printer. The reason for this is because the AIR module uses an HTML format and if you were to print directly to the printer, the formatting of the form would not appear as you would like it to.

To reset your password, simply click the “Forgot your Password” link under the “Need Help?” header. Next enter in the requested information. A password will then be emailed to the email address on file for your account. Once you receive the email with the reset password, you can use it to log in and then change the password to something of your choosing. This can be done by clicking the “Change Password” module on the main page after logging in.

e-filing module relies on functionalities which are only available on Windows based operating systems, in order to orchestrate communication between eIMMIGRATION and the live sessions with USCIS, DOL and other government sites.

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