Introducing The Cerenade Client Academy

Cerenade, the world’s leader in Integrated Electronic Forms Management Solutions and Turn-key Case Management Systems, has launched its own online academy officially known as the Cerenade Client Academy. Cerenade clients and prospects can attend free classes, also known as “webisodes”, via our YouTube and Facebook channels.

To begin, the academy will be offering three different classes: the “eIMMIGRATIONAIR Master Class,” “eCMS 101,” and “Ask Cerenade!”
The eIMMIGRATIONAIR Master Class will specialize in offering pro tips and tricks to both existing clients and prospects on mastering eIMMIGRATIONAIR, the world’s most powerful and easy-to-use immigration case management software.

eCMS 101 on the other hand, will focus on teaching existing clients and prospects easy ways to manage their legal cases, contacts, processes, configurations, reports, questionnaires, eFilings, eBillings and all California Judicial Council Forms using Cerenade’s world class electronic Case Management System (eCMS).

Furthermore, the “Ask Cerenade!” class will be a Q&A session where all the burning questions that the Cerenade sales and support teams have received from clients will be addressed by the Client Academy instructors. Clients and prospects will also have the option to leave a comment, email their questions to or send private messages to the instructors via the Cerenade Facebook and Twitter pages.

Finally, in the coming months, the Client Academy will launch a fourth class called “eForms Solutions.” The purpose behind this class will be to help businesses, developers and OEMs use and grow their businesses utilizing Cerenade’s family of eForms product and variety of applications intended to replace inefficient paper processes with electronic forms and automated workflows.

So, don’t wait! If you are an existing client or are interested in learning more about Cerenade’s leading eForms Solutions to enterprises, law firms and individual users, you may log on to the official client academy’s YouTube page and subscribe for free at