e-Filing is an add-on module that allows you to quickly populate data into certain e-File-able forms. The e-Filing component is a program that will need to be downloaded and installed on your computer. Once it is installed, you will not need to log in to the eIMMIGRATION website in order to e-File a form. This component is only compatible with Microsoft Windows based PCs. If you are interested in learning more about the e-Filing module, please contact your sales manager. For our E-Filing video, click here.

1. From the eIMMIGRATION home page, click on the e-filing icon (You can also start the installed e-filing program from your computer, and skip to step 3).

2. Click Launch.

3. Verify your Login credentials. The website name is the your office's virtual directory (for example, if you go to, the website name would be Cerenade). The username and password are the credentials you use to login to the caseworker portal.

4. You will be directed to eIMMIGRATION eFiling. There will be a list of the forms that are ready to e-file. To start on a form, click on e-File.

5. This will connect you to the U.S Department of State website to start the e-Filing process.

NOTE: If doing another form beside DS-160, please follow Steps A and B, otherwise, proceed to Step 4.

A. Click on the e-File link.

B. You will be asked to enter your Login information before proceeding.

NOTE: We do NOT provide this Login information.

6. Select the location where you will be submitting your application.

7. Click the Start An Application button (please note that you can also choose to Retrieve  An Application, but for the purposes of this walkthrough, we will be choosing Start An Application).

8.  Select the security question and answer it. Then click on the Continue button.

9. After clicking continue, you will be brought to the first page of the application.  Please note the blue tool-bar right above the application page. This tool-bar is what you will use to populate data onto the specific application pages.


10. To start transferring, click the Populate Data button.  Any necessary information from the DS-160 that is associated with this application will transfer.

11. You will see the information being populated on to the form.  The tool-bar will also notify you once the data population for that page is complete.

12. When ready, move on to the next page.

13.  Repeat steps 8-10 for all additional pages.

14. When finished, make sure to click on the Save button.


A. When you encounter any errors, you can manually change the data.


OR You can see why you have an error.

Scroll down to find the section that wasn't properly transferred.


You can just manually change it, but it does not change the original form you filled out.