Integrated Electronic Forms Management Solutions and Turn-key Case Management Systems

Integrated Electronic Forms Management Solutions and Turn-key Case Management Systems

How business takes form

eForms Solutions

Cerenade's family of eForms Solutions provide organizations, developers and OEMs with a wide range of applications and components intended to facilitate the replacement of manual and inefficient paper processes with electronic forms and automated workflows. These cost-effective solutions are elegant, state-of-the-art, standards-based, feature-rich and are designed to address the following requirements:
  • Business Process automation at all enterprise levels (Corporate, branch, department and global locations, ...) and all functional groups (Human Resources, Sales, Retail Operations, Accounting, Administration, ...)
  • Complete set of functions for the full life-span of the forms: Design, deploy, fill, save, print, email, archive, etc.
  • Administrative functions: Version Control, Audit Trail, Transaction Managements, User Management, Reports, etc.
  • Workflow management functions: Business Process modeling, Routing, Tracking, etc.
  • Seamless migration/import capabilities from legacy formats: FormFlow, OmniForm, Adobe PDF, FileNet, etc.
  • Adherence to Section-508 (American Disabilities Act)
  • Security: Secure Public Access, Single sign-on support, Digital Signature support, etc.
  • Platform independence with full support for mobile devices
    Cerenade's family of eForms solutions is comprised of the following main products:

  • Enterprise Server: Cost-effective, high-performance enterprise application enabling organizations to move from antiquated and inefficient forms processing systems to an Integrated Forms Management solution. More...

  • Toolbox (SDK): Organizations can now integrate electronic form solutions with their existing infrastructure or develop entirely new applications with electronic forms capability built into them. Toolbox provides a filler component that integrates with all Microsoft 32-bit programming environments such as .NET, Visual Basic, Visual C++, Delphi, PowerBuilder, Outlook, Lotus Notes and others. More...

  • Visual eMerge: This mission critical Output Management solution enables organizations to automatically and seamlessly print, email, fax, or archive electronic forms with data from any source. Visual eMerge is printer and resolution independent, requires no custom print drivers, prints on any Microsoft Windows supported printer, and includes an envelope stuffer component. More...